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Life Is Just A Mosaic of Moments

Updated: May 6, 2023

I just lived through another "big" birthday. To be candid, it was the big 4-0. It felt monumental. It felt like a reflection point. And, in a pensive and withdrawn weekend, I commenced this task.

When I was in fifth grade I decided that I wanted to become a lawyer. I considered my undergraduate work "pre-law," and taught seventh grade while I attended law school. I was driven and goal-focused. But, peeling back the layers, those who knew me always recognized that my true mission was motherhood. And, at a critical turning point in my life, I chose to abandon law and stay home to raise my children full time.

The opportunity to watch my children grow, learn, and develop was the opportunity of my lifetime. I felt so deeply moved by their curiosities that they became my inspiration.

I collect the moments of our lives together: our scenes and our stories. Often, the ones that I recall most quickly are those clothed in diverse settings. Much of the mosiac of my life is built by our travel scenes. They are samplings of our adventures. We were focused, and we were together.

I share the magnitude of my moments in hopes that you, too, will create, reflect, and adore the moments that will color you own lives' mosaics.

For a great list of books on the growth and wonder offered by our parks, check out this post.

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