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Welcome to EDsplorers: a home for travelers who want to learn and learners who want to travel!

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Back in 2016 we found ourselves on a family vacation in Estes Park, CO. In an effort to entertain my elementary-aged children, we stumbled upon a Rocky Mountain National Park Junior Ranger Program. The Rangers were so engaging. The lessons were so fun. The badge was so rewarding. We were HOOKED!

For the last six years, we have continued to go far and wide to soak in the learning opportunities that our nation, and beyond, can offer us. Often relying on budget travel and camping, we have created a family past time that honors our values: health, learning, and adventures.

EDsplorers is an opportunity for me to serve those with similar passions. My courses on offer students the chance to dig deeply into the fascinating lessons our world offers. Aligned with these courses, EDsplorers offers a myriad of travel services including reviews, itineraries, and traditional agency offerings.

We are excited to partner with YOU as we all continue to grow as adventurers, "EDsplorers!"

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